Rebecca Connolly

Project Manager, Cheerful Twentyfirst

Rebecca Connolly is a proactive leader at Cheerful Twentyfirst. Her passion for sustainable best practice has been instrumental for bringing operational and process-led change into the agency. Most recently, that included supporting the roll out and implementation of Cheerful Twentyfirst's carbon measurement programme. 

 In April this year, Cheerful Twentyfirst began establishing a formal structure and approach around emissions measurement as environmental targets became an increasingly high priority for their clients. Supported by a third party measurement tool, the programme includes advance impact forecasting and actual emissions reporting, supported by sustainability consultancy to guide reduction, mitigation and offsetting.  

Rebecca's strength is in project production and stakeholder management; road testing their carbon measurement programme, working with suppliers and challenging production decisions to keep everyone accountable against Cheerful Twentyfirst's sustainability ambitions.