The 2022 C&IT Sustainability Forum

Thank You To Those Who Joined Our 2022 C&IT Sustainability Forum

The Forum, which took place on Thursday 17th November 2022 at Convene, was once again focusing on the immediate issues and challenges facing the events industry. Partnering with Ad Net Zero and ISLA, our attendees had the opportunity to hear from some of the leading figures in the industry already tackling this crucial topic that is important to everyone in the events industry. 

If sustainability is on your business agenda, you are worried about how to make less of an impact with your events, or are just starting to think about what sustainability really means for you and your team, then join us at the C&IT Sustainability Forum in 2023 by registering your interest in the link below

The intimate one day business event which is a free to attend Forum designed to facilitate new business connections by uniquely matching corporate and agency event managers with expert suppliers in a series of one to one meetings alongside quality content around the topic of sustainability

The C&IT Sustainability Forum is an experience offering valuable networking and builds meaningful relationships - all tailored to your business needs.

2022 Highlights

From the editor

"Sustainability is a crucial topic for everyone in the events industry, as well as everyone outside of it, and it has been C&IT's very deliberate ambition to highlight this subject at every event we have hosted in the last few years. We want to champion sustainability and do everything that we can to help everyone push forward and make a difference. 

And so, last year we launched our annual Sustainability Forum - a subject-focused event all about making our industry more progressive, allowing us to deep-dive further and provide valuable lasting solutions to all those that attend. Whether you're just at the beginning of your sustainability journey, or are already making positive progress, this is the event for you."

Calum Di Lieto, Editor, C&IT



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Add value to your network by meeting new people at the C&IT Sustainability Forum

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It really is as simple as showing up. Everything is under one C&IT filled roof. Join us.

2022 Speakers


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2022 Sponsors

The 2022 Venue

On Thursday 17 November 2022

The 2022 C&IT Sustainability Forum took place at 22 Bishopsgate // City of London, London at Convene. 

Conveneā€™s approach focuses on hospitality, and their state-of-the-art meeting spaces include thoughtful touches such as a five-star food offering, the latest built-in technology, and expert production teams on-site to take care of your needs! 

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